Top Writing Coach Tip #2: What’s My Writing Worth?

Dear Dave,

It was great talking with you today. Thanks for sharing your ideas for your book. I totally get your concern that your story might not hold meaning for anyone else—that it might not be (a) valuable (contribution) to literature or society.

But I want to assure you, if you can dig deep and excavate the shining core of your story and write about it (convey it) in a compelling way, readers will connect with what you have to say.

Of course, there’s a certain skill to writing a compelling story—but that can be learned.

You seem really engaged by (invested in) (committed to) your idea, and that is the reliable spark that will fuel the work of learning that/those skill(s).

Together, we’ll find the techniques that will make your story/idea strong, give the deep meaning of it, its value, a shape and a presence that will make its inherent value/worth evident to your readers.

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