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KUDOS TO YA AUTHOR MELODY MAYSONET, whose debut novel, A WORK OF ART (Merit Press), won first place in the General Fiction category for the 2016 Eric Hoffer Awards! Not only that, but a follow-up report in The US Review of Books called A WORK OF ART “finely plotted”! Woo-freaking-hoo, Melody!


And congrats, too, to Charlene Edge, whose memoir about her seventeen years in a cult, titled UNDERTOW: My Escape from the Fundamentalism and Cult Control of The Way International, will be available in January 2017. In it, you’ll learn how easily a vulnerable person can be conned into following an authoritarian leader and how difficult it can be to find a way out.


Melissa Abrehamsen‘s spooky, supernatural YA FORETOLD is available FOR FREE on Kindle for a limited time. Here’s something to whet your appetite: Lance Harper and Lucy Burns have avoided one another all through high school. He’s the son of the town psychic; she’s the daughter of a fundamentalist preacher. But the wall between them crumbles when Lance has a mind-splitting vision of Lucy’s bathtub suicide.


Elizabeth Sims has good news! She’s signed a contract with audio book company Audible for all five of her Lillian Byrd crime novels!

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