Uncle Bardie Does Hamlet

UNCLE BARDIE, AKA DON ROYSTER, CENTRAL-FLORIDA storyteller and blogger at Uncle Bardie’s Stories & Such, is “doing” HAMLET in 2015. Every Wednesday, Uncle Bardie will respond to some aspect of the play. For instance, did you know the first-ever knock-knock joke came from HAMLET? Or have you wondered if Gertrude furnished Elsinore from the original IKEA? Or why all those Italians were gathered in Denmark in the first place?

No? Well, me, either. Until Don brought it up!

So, while Uncle Bardie may not be a Shakespearean scholar (in fact, he’ll tell anyone who asks that Shakespeare has always scared the hell out of him), it seems, like Sir Edmund Hillary facing Mount Everest, Uncle Bardie will climb Mt. HAMLET simply because it’s there.

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