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Are you a Florida writer? If so, we may have met at a Florida Writers Association (FWA) conference or FWA regional writers’ group! (I’ve presented at both many times!)

If we haven’t met, let me tell you a little about myself.

I’m Jamie Morris

I’ve been coaching writers full time for well over a decade. I cut my writing-coaching teeth at Rollins College, where I workshopped my way to a creative writing degree, assisted the head of the writing program, and became a CRLA Master Writing Consultant.

Since then, among other writerly pursuits,

I’ve also led writing groups and taught creative writing courses in my community, been featured in THE WRITER magazine, and mentored other writing coaches and instructors.

Acknowledged by Florida authors

It’s funny. Some writers long for a starred Kirkus Review, a Newbery Medal, or an O. Henry Award. Me? I dream of seeing my name on your acknowledgements page.

So far, so good!

I’m proud to grace the acknowledgements pages of many Florida authors. Here are a few:

In Darlyn Finch Kuhn’s debut novel, SEWING HOLES (Twisted Road), she wrote: Heartfelt thanks to Mary Ann DeStefano, Jamie Morris, and Julie Compton (three beta readers who made this book better through honest feedback).


Author Anne Hawkinson (writing as A. K. Hicks) opens her acknowledgements this way: Heartfelt thanks and gratitude go out to Jamie Morris (my editor and writing coach), who worked persistently and diligently with me to bring this story to life. 


RIGHT IN SIGHT (Whimsical) co-authors Elaine Braman and Margarete Johl said: Many thanks and much appreciation to Jamie Morris for her expert guidance.

Dana Summersin his multiple-award winning debut mystery novel, DRAWN AND BURIEDMy thanks to Jamie Morris and Margie Lawson for their insight into the craft of writing. Their knowledge is endless.

Janie Bray, author of ENCHANTED COCOON: Through her kind and insightful critique of my first draft, Jamie Morris encouraged me to dig deeper into the stories. I greatly appreciate Jamie sharing her talents with me and encouraging me to go forward.

Melody MaysonetYA author of A WORK OF ART (Merit Pressstarts her acknowledgements with this: Huge thank-yous to Joyce Sweeney and Jamie Morris for teaching me about the craft of novel-writing and cheering me on in every stage.

Dr. Sharon Spano, business strategist and author of THE PURSUIT OF TIME AND MONEY (Morgan James), included this in her acknowledgements: A shout out to Jamie Morris for helping me decipher the structure of this effort.

Peggy Miller, poet and senior editor for THE COMSTOCK REVIEW, dedicated her poetry collection STONE BEING, (Foothills), this way: Thank you, Jamie Morris, for your support in sculpting the first draft of this collection and for drawing so much from me even as I grieved.

Pati Anderson dedicated her first novel, madcap legal mystery SECRETARY’S DAY, with these kind words: For Jamie Morris, who helped me find my voice.

In her third novel, KEEP NO SECRETS (Fresh Fork), Julie Compton says: Jamie Morris believed in this one from the beginning and encouraged me to follow my heart instead of the market. I’m so fortunate to have met such an amazing writing mentor.

Let’s connect!

I’d love a spot on your acknowledgements page! You can check out my rates page to learn more, or book a free initial consultation!

I can help you write your book!

Florida writers say …

For decades, writing was a comfort, and when life was turbulent an anchor to help steady my boat. In my fifties, however, it dawned on me that I actually wanted to become a writer. A really good writer, if that was possible. I read an article in THE NEW YORK TIMES extolling the virtues of writing coaches and how, if you were lucky enough to find a good one, you might very well become a good writer. And so I found Jamie Morris. Fast forward five years and a few books’ worth of short stories, and I believe I have become a much better writer. I could wax poetic about Jamie’s coaching genius, but I won’t. It would spoil the fun. Instead, I’ll let you discover Jamie Morris for yourself—this writer’s best-kept secret. Hugh Holborn, The After-Fifty Adventureman

Jamie! You’re so wonderful! Our time together is so magical. Thank you for reigniting my passion and gifting me focus and insights. I’m thrilled about the new direction for my book. So profoundly grateful for you and the forces that guided us together for this. Kristen Schneider, author, YOUR LIFE IS MEDICINE

Jamie is amazing! She has the ability to pull from her writers their best work—and then help them to make it better. She creates a climate of encouragement and inspiration. I leave each session excited and wanting more. Anna Thoma, media specialist

Jamie, I owe you ten bucks, but I really owe you so much more! You’ve pushed me to uncover truth in my writing. I’ve learned so much about writing, so much about myself. Thanks for the opportunity. I look forward to more. —Liz Rash, memoirist

Jamie has a unique gift with writers, especially new writers. She is careful to draw out their talents and yet at the same time not allow them to drift into common traps and mistakes that can hold back a writer’s craft. She is a writer’s advocate and a must-have tool in their career. JL Rehman, owner, Partners In Crime Publishers

Still absorbing the awesomeness with Jamie Morris! We nailed it! Amazing brains clicking together, and I now have a solid first act, broken down scene by scene. So many thanks for your dedication and willingness to stick it out, Jamie! Anne Hawkinson, author, THE MYSTERY AT MOZ HOLLOW; co-author, SCOTLAND’S KNIGHT, multiple Royal Palm Literary Award winner

Jamie, thanks for the session Friday morning. It was helpful on so many levels. You are someone to treasure, for sure. I’m so glad you are part of my team. All my interactions with you make me—and my world—saner, happier, more optimistic. Beth Lambdin, author, LOVE YOU, SWEETIE

Jamie, I think hiring you is the single most important gift I’ve given my writing life in years. Your guidance has led me to completed manuscripts, better story structure, and increased confidence as a writer. You’re a genius, and you help me feel like one, too. Thank you!Tia Levings, author of A WELL-TRAINED WIFE: My Escape from Christian Patriarchy (St. Martin’s, winter 2024)

Jamie is an incredible coach. I’ve worked with her for years, and her skills, ideas, and unfailing enthusiasm have helped me complete five novels in several genres. —MK Swanson

Hey, J. Just wanted to say “THANKS!” for the coaching session today. It was amazingly productive. I now have actionable clarity for revising one novel that’s been giving me grief and finishing another that had stalled in the middle. Pretty good work for one hour, no? Ryan G. Van Cleave, author of THE WEEKEND BOOK PROPOSAL (Writers Digest)

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